Mar 232013

The Washington State Parks system turns 100 this year and as part of the celebration special events are happening throughout the year at many of the parks. Click this link for an official calendar of events.

To help kick things off, on Saturday, March 30 all state parks will be free to visit. Ordinarily, a daily or annual Discover Pass is required at state parks (and wildlife areas). The $10 per day fee might seem a bit steep to some, but it’s actually a good deal compared to the admission fee at just about any commercial recreation facility, and, all things considered the $30 annual pass is a bargain if you regularly get out and enjoy the outdoors.

Check out the official website for Washington State Parks for information about all the parks. And download the handy smartphone app, that includes maps and features of the parks. The app is free and available for both iOS and Android systems.

To learn the identity of the state parks in the slideshow photos, hover your mouse towards the top of the image or click on the photograph.

Washington resident or frequent visitor?  Which is your favorite state park in the Evergreen State?