Apr 142013
Lupine and Balsamroot, Tom McCall Preserve

Lupine and Balsamroot, Tom McCall Preserve








Spring is finally here and wildflowers are popping up in many parts of the Pacific Northwest. Some of the best known displays of flowers, like those at Paradise in Mount Rainier National Park and Hurricane Ridge in Olympic National Park, won’t happen for several months yet, but in lower elevation meadows, prairies, and wetlands the blooming has started and will be at peak for the next month. Wonderful wildflower blossoms can also be seen in the sagebrush-steppe habitat of the Columbia Plateau and Great Basin east of the Cascade Mountains.


Interested in venturing out in search of wildflowers? Here are a dozen of the best places in the northwest USA to find the spring bloom:



What other top places for wildflowers have you found in the northwest?


Mar 312013
UW Quad with blooming cherry trees

Cherry trees in bloom on the University of Washington Quad

The big, old cherry trees covered with blossoms on the Quad at the University of Washington campus in Seattle is one of the eagerly anticipated signs that spring has finally arrived in the Pacific Northwest.

The university arborist is reporting that peak bloom this year is from March 30 to about April 7, so make plans to visit very soon.

Washington Park Arboretum

Cherry tree and joggers on Azalea Way in Washington Park Arboretum

The UW campus isn’t the only good place to see flowering cherry trees. Azalea Way, one of the main paths in nearby Washington Park Arboretum has several great trees along the route. Many other trees and shrubs in the park start blooming soon, too.